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With Azimut Yachts at Design Week 2024

From April 15th to 21st, during the Milan Design Week 2024, in the charming setting of the Bagni Misteriosi in Milan, Azimut Yacht presents "Mooring by the Moon," an installation curated by AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi inspired by the Seadeck yacht series.

A sensory journey to rediscover the gentle relationship between humans and nature! MarineCork, chosen by Azimut for the new Seadeck series, will be present, contributing to highlighting the synergy and benefits that can be obtained when nature and human creativity meet.

It will be a journey to discover the wonder of the natural world, seen as if for the first time from the terrace of a boat illuminated by the reflections of a large moon and resting on the water in the heart of the city of Milan. A path that will help understand the importance of everyone's contribution to protecting nature and ensuring a prosperous future for us and future generations.

An installation journey in four acts that invites visitors to be surprised by the beauty of nature and what it can offer to make our lives more beautiful and comfortable. MarineCork, chosen for its naturalness, sustainability, and technicality, will be the protagonist of the third act, where visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Seadeck Lounge, a space that redesigns the concept of luxury by bringing out the concept of well-being. MarineCork is the expression of the gentle relationship between humans and nature as it regenerates spontaneously and contributes with its extraction to taking care of nature; a solution that ensures well-being and beauty and strengthens the bond with nature.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of naturalness, we look forward to seeing you

at the Fuorisalone 2024 from April 15th to 21st, 2024, at the Bagni Misteriosi - Teatro Franco Parenti, Via Carlo Botta, 18, Milan.

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